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St Birinus Church - History

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St Birinus is a little known but very important local 7th century saint who brought christianity to the area from Italy.

The church building is a fine example of Late Victorian Arts & Crafts architecture.

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St Birinus – His story and actions in this area

Although little is known of his early life, Birinus was a 7th century Italian monk, consecrated bishop in Milan by Archbishop Asterius. It seems that Birinus was a man who felt compelled to proclaim the good news of God, but for him he felt this in a particular way – he wanted to make his mark!

We are told that in 634, this led to Pope Honorius 1 to choose Birinus to 'sow the seeds of ... Read more

St Birinus Church – Some history of the church building

In an article in the Salisbury Diocesan Gazette of March 1896 Morgan’s Vale is described as a hamlet  of the parish of Downton. It was not until 1868 that the first documented steps were initiated to construct a permanent Anglican place of worship in Morgan’s Vale. 

On the 7th July 1868 an indenture was made between the Highway Board of the Salisbury District and the Vicar and Churchwardens of the parish of Downton conveying the land on which the school and subsequently the church came to be built. The land was purchased for £25.00 out of a fund: “amounting to 736 pounds 11 shillings and ... Read more

St Birinus
St Birinus Church 1894
St Birinus Church Stained Glass
St Birinus Church Stained Glass

St Birinus Church Prayer

O God our Creator, whose love is for everyone, strengthen our commitment and desire to love and serve all in our community.

Help us to be obedient to your command to share the good news of your son Jesus Christ and his love for the entire world.

We pray for your promised Holy Spirit to give us courage, imagination and wisdom, so that we may be guided and equipped to do your will.


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